Commencement Speaker Application

Submission deadline: Monday, April 8, 2019

If you are a senior who has graduated or will graduate during the 2018-2019 academic year and will be participating in spring commencement, you may use this form to apply to be a speaker and represent your class by delivering a 5 minute speech at your commencement ceremony.

Please be certain to reserve your spot in commencement before applying to be a speaker for that ceremony.

Student Information
Enter your first name.
Enter your last name.
Enter your Perm Number
Contact Preferences
Your Email and Contact Preferences
Please enter a telephone number where you can be reached, preceded by the area code (eg 805-555-5555).
Mailing Address
Your local mailing address.
Number and Street, include apartment or unit number
City of Address
State of Address
Zipcode of Address (eg 93106)
Degree and Ceremony Information
Enter your Major.
Enter your GPA.
Enter your Ceremony date and time. Please confirm your ceremony reservation on GOLD before submitting this form.

In addition to the completion of the personal information data above, please submit an essay not to exceed 250 words addressing the following:

  • Why would you like to speak at commencement?
  • How do your classes and extracurricular activities at UCSB speak to something about your UCSB experience?  
Submit an essay not to exceed 250 words with your answers to the questions listed above.