Honors Admission

On this page, you can learn about the Honors Program requirements for admission. During the July application time period, eligible students (who are not new to UCSB in the fall) may visit this page to apply online. Please read the eligibility information below.

Admission & Eligibility

You must be a student in the College of Letters and Science to participate in the Honors Program.  You can be admitted to the Honors Program during three windows of opportunity:

  • Prior to your first term at UCSB: Eligible freshmen will be notified about joining Honors when notified about UCSB admission (note: Regents Scholars are automatically admitted).  Select transfer students will be invited to join the Honors Program.
  • By applying to the program between your freshman (first-year) and sophomore years, if you have completed at least 36 letter-graded units with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above. Please note that the requirement prior to 2017 was 3.6. 

Please note:  2018 was the last year students (except for transfers) were eligible to join Honors between sophomore and junior year.

If you are seeking honors opportunities after the completion of 3 or more years in college, you should consider pursuing distinction in your major as an alternative to the Letters and Science Honors Program. See the Departmental Honors Program page for details.


The application is always available online here during the month of July.  The application period for 2018-2019 was July 1 through July 31. Eligible students apply online.  The application period for 2018-19 is now closed.

Remember that, at your time of application, you must be a current UCSB student and be in the summer between your freshman and sophomore years. If you will be a new UCSB student in the fall, you do not use this application since incoming students are notified of their eligibility to join the Honors Program. For more information, please visit the FAQ page or contact honorsmail@ltsc.ucsb.edu.


*Please note: You will not receive a confirmation email when you submit your application; you'll see a confirmation page. In August after the deadline, you'll receive more information via email.